Dec 02, 2013

Green Everyday: Upcycled bags from Green Guru in Boulder, CO

I got super-bummed out when I saw the new Echo...


I got super-bummed out when I saw the new Echo Park restoration last Summer. It is such a beautiful improvement for the city of Los Angeles, don’t get me wrong, but even with all the hard work, pain-staking hours spent, and meticulous details observed, within just a few days, many people were already treatin git like their personal trashcan, synonymous with so much of LA. I don’t understand how someone can see a bed of waterlilies and think, “My empty Cheetos snak-pak would make a nice addition.” I just don’t get it. Fuckin’ loser people.

Anyhow, with all the crap that people put this gorgeous world through, there are a growing amount of people and companies wanting to do something good for this planet. Enter the folks at Green Guru Gear, a bag company making a positive impact on the world. Made from recycled materials including Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes, 100% Recycled PETE fabrics, Nylon and Metal Hardware, and Neoprene Wetsuits, these bags have once withstood the trials and tribulations of the road and are now ready for a second life as your daily go-to.

Fresh from Boulder, CO, the land of going-green, I was sent the Duffster ($99.95) which, upon first look, appears to be the travel companion this holiday season when I head back to Denver for a little family time. There is no time like the present to make a positive impact on this world and reduce that pesky carbon footprint we keep hearing so much about.

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From bags to wallets and other accessories, Green Guru is doing their part to add a little sustainability to Mother Earth.  A little more about the company and hear their mission:

In the beginning, (Green Guru) built products from used but durable materials that were being discarded. Initially, creations were rough around the edges. Yet their intent was clear. Through years of experimentation,  the small group of designs grew into a catalog of performance oriented products that exceed social, quality and sustainability standards.

Today, they affect real change by reducing landfill waste, creating local jobs, and of course building some of the coolest products on the planet. They do all of this for their friends who follow a greener path keeping their favorite environments clean and open.

Check out their bags and other gear on

To a better place for us and the youth of tomorrow,


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