Jun 23, 2015

Greats Debuts the Royale 2.0 Sneaker

Check out the latest editions to the Royale series, a high-end yet affordable collection of sneakers from New York-based shoe brand Greats.

Check out the latest editions to the Royale series from New York brand Greats.

Greats‘ disruptive ‘I can’t believe its not $500+’ flagship, the Royale, marries old world craftsmanship with new world distribution. The shoe’s journey starts in Civitanova, Italy (know in the trade as “shoe valley”), when handsome Margom soles are mated with luxurious uppers lined with full-grain calf skin leather. Sound familiar? It should. Every fashion house offers footwear with the same pedigree.
Thanks to the calf skin lining and plush footbed, the Royale is comfortable with or without socks. Waxed laces provide a rugged edge. Its pure sport style with an upscale vibe.”

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