Sep 26, 2014

Going from Bed to Street

Going from Bed to Street Come on guys, I know...








Going from Bed to Street

Come on guys, I know you can feel me when I say certain sweatpants are pretty awesome!

They can be worn to sleep and then re-styled for daytime wear without even having to change your pants. Since this style has been acceptable for guys to wear about a year and a half ago, I have been rocking fashion sweats. Sure some may think never wear sweatpants, EVER! That’s cool for you and your uncomfortable lifestyle, but when it’s cold there is nothing better than wearing a cozy pair of fashion sweats a dope sweater and some comfortable kicks! I mean, I apply to the fashionable and cozy rule once winter arrives. Without loosing style of course, I do think some guys should try sweat pants more often and see how they like a bed to street lifestyle. ;)

In other non-fashion news, I am FINALLY back to the 21st century since I just received a new iPhone from the states. We can all thank my mom for her speedy services and FedEx for overnight international shipping. Now that I’m back to snapchatting and instagramming, I’m pretty excited for yet another limitless weekend with the chance I don’t lose my phone this time… Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers!

Outfit Credits:
Shirt: H&M/ Sweater: Primark/ Sweats: ASOS/ Shoes: Kenneth Cole/ Watch: 1 Face Watch/ Bracelets: Men in Cities

photographers: DEVID


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