Dec 09, 2013

Going For Break: Thom Browne F/W ’14

As you may have heard by now, Thom Browne is...

As you may have heard by now, Thom Browne is mixing things up. Whether in the spirit of conformity or an effort to reach out to a bigger audience, his trousers will now be touching his wingtips. Well, not his wingtips.

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Thom Browne is expanding his eponymous line and giving the world what it so desperately needs. Since the 70′s things have been on a rapid decline in terms of style. Even though the recent #menswear trend has taken hold, many are now realizing how far down the black hole American style had gone.

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In an effort to loosen the corporate tie, as it were, casual Friday was introduced and with it legions of men who just didn’t care anymore. Triple-pleated khakis and slip-ons replaced the crisper way of dressing and all of sudden it became commonplace to see men in things that were way too big for them. However, thanks to the likes of Thom Browne and that other Tom, it seems as though America is starting to care again.

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In moving from extreme to timeless, the fits will be a tad looser, the pants will touch the shoes, and good ‘ol Ivy tradition will be upheld in the 3-roll-2 button stance. Even if you don’t like Thom Browne, you have to recognize the impact that he holds in the world of men’s fashion, and respect him for his willingness to branch out. That being said, I’m sure that Mr. Browne will continue to bare his ankles and dress in his signature style.

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The new line is set to release in Fall ’14 and in addition to the suits, the collection will include a variety of shirts and a Chesterfield overcoat. You go Thom Browne.

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