Aug 26, 2014

Glenfiddich Malt Masters Sherry Cask Review

To create the Sherry Cask Malt Master’s Edition the boys...

Glenfiddich Malt Masters Sherry Cask Review

To create the Sherry Cask Malt Master’s Edition the boys at Glenfiddich first distilled up some of their traditional new-make and then dumped it into some ex-bourbon barrels, like they do everyday, and then let them age for 6-8 years. They then dumped the whisky into some ex-sherry casks and let it continue to mellow and mature for another 4-6 years. Of course using sherry casks to finish Scotch is nothing new, it’s the lengthy aging that makes it more unique.

Being a NAS (No Age Statement) Glenfiddich has not put an age on the bottle, but if we take the 6+4 and 8+6 we get 10-14 and since age statements are based on the youngest whisky in the mix we’re basically dealing with a Glenfiddich 10 Double Wood here. Which, if you consider that the Balvenie 12 Double Wood  (ex-bourbon then sherry similar to this) is about 1/2 the price and the regular Glenfiddich 12 is only about $30, it makes perfect sense why Glenfiddich was hoping we couldn’t do math and released this as an $80 NAS.

Glenfiddich Malt Master’s Edition Sherry Cask Review

ABV: 43%
Age: NAS (10 years)
Price: $80

Ruddy amber

Started off with big notes of orchard fruit like pears and green apples that were soon accompanied by some hints of vanilla and some wood. Hints of that sherry sweetness and sweet vermouth swirled around in the background but were far from center stage.

Not quite as robust as I was hoping for. Caramel kicks in and blends with the orchard fruit that is more apple heavy and muddled. Some dark fruit creeps in along with some malt and soft woody notes. The sherry is not making a big showing here, but there is a warm toasted nut underpinning to the whole thing that is rather pleasant.

Balance is alright, but it actually feels like it’s missing a little sweetness. The body is neither full nor light, but right in the middle and it has a very soft, simple and uneventful feel to it.

There is a toasted nuttiness that runs throughout and notes of burnt sugar, malt and an ambiguous sweetness comes and goes on the medium fade-out.

It’s not a bad whisky, but it’s not a particularly good whisky either. The aroma is rather nice and the finish is pleasant enough, but it feels a little muddled and uninspiring on the palate. Though if we’re talking about it on a value scale it would fall flat on it’s face. Despite it’s good aspects I can’t help but feel that it’s way over priced and I would rather have The Balvenie any day of the week. Though all said and done it’s definitely worth trying and tasting for yourself, but I’d recommend trying it at a bar or friend’s house first (which is exactly what I did) before plopping down the cash for a bottle.

SCORE: 80-84/100

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