Dec 05, 2014

GlenDronach 12 year Review

The GlenDronach 12 is aged in Oloroso casks and then...

GlenDronach 12 year Review
The GlenDronach 12 is aged in Oloroso casks and then finished in PX casks to impart a heavenly bit of sweetness to it… at least that’s what the marketing wants us to believe. So what about the truth? What does this 188 year old distillery (owned by BenRiach) have to offer us besides a 12 year old sherried single malt at a decent price?

For starters… flavor. This stuff is great. I can’t attest to how much the PX finishing adds to the already sherried malt since I didn’t taste it before the finishing, but I can tell you that as it is now it’s fantastic and I honestly don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this stuff. It’s rich, it’s supple, it’s flavorful and because it’s not incredibly popular at the moment it’s relatively cheap. A tasty little gem from a distillery that flies under most folks radar… enjoy it while you can.

GlenDronach 12 year Review

ABV: 43%
Age: 12 years
Price: $48
Distiller: GlenDronach

Deep caramel with hints of red

Sherry lolls out of the glass along with some sweet vermouth, ripe juicy dark fruit, cocoa and honey. Light notes of sweet malt dance with an earthy avocado like undertone and a touch of tobacco. Not wildly complex, but pleasant nonetheless.

Moving out first is some sweet ripe red fruit like strawberry, cherry and raspberry. A sherry that is more subtle than on the nose mixes with some malt, a hint of wood, a bit of citrus, leather and sweet tobacco. The palate is a bit more complex than the nose, but not wildly so and again it doesn’t really matter because what’s there is very nice.

Malt and tobacco and oak and ambiguous sweetness oh my! Long and tasty it’s not a bad way to end a dram.

Nicely balanced with a full body and a luxurious syrupy texture.

It’s 12 years of tastiness all rolled up and dumped into a 750ml glass bottle. It’s a really nice, accessible and tasty single malt that just about anyone could easily grab off the shelf and enjoy. There’s enough complexity for “seasoned pros” to enjoy while not so overly complex that less experienced drinkers would feel lost or overwhelmed. It’s a simple, straightforward and tasty whisky that I’m enjoying every single second of.

SCORE: 86/100

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