Jul 25, 2013

Razorpouch Says Stop Leaving Your Razors Lying About!

When it comes to keeping razors in the bathroom, we’re...


When it comes to keeping razors in the bathroom, we’re all offenders of leaving them to sit on the side of the sink, in the tub, on a water logged stand. Basically, everywhere it shouldn’t be. It’s not rocket science. If you leave the razor in water, it’s going to rust. Yet, we all do it. Why? Turns out no one has really thought to make a place for your razor to go. That is, until now. Think of how much money you are literally washing down the drain, and you’ll see why we immediately took to this innovative invention!


Instead of air drying and taking a risk, prolong the life of your razor and promote a more hygienic grooming experience by keeping your razor rust free between shavings. To help make that consciousness feat simpler and safer to accomplish, Razorpouch created a system where you store the razor in a handy location, sitting above the risk of the elements, and that makes shaving in the tub, or when travelling, a thousand times easier. It really is a dynamic idea, and founded in simplicity.

Razorpouch Sets a New Standard When Shaving

When it comes to getting a good, close shave, many of us overlook the fact that a rusty blade can strike at any time. Even a new, sharp blade can fall prey to this bathroom killer and keeping your razor dry and in a safe location is not always possible. When fighting for space among product overkill, putting it somewhere dry is not always at the top of our lists. Cue the music, it’s time to enter Razorpouch. What we love about this product is that it saves space, is reliable, and is just an all-round neat way to keep your razors in tip top shape.


The first experiences were surprisingly refreshing. Hunting around the shower for your razor is no longer a health hazard waiting to happen, and storing it out of harm’s way is discreet. There is even enough space to add other travel size products, making it a neat carry case when traveling or staying in hotels. Simply use the magnetic locking mechanism (from one of several variations), and attach to your shower for immediate use. Against our initials concerns, the Razorpouch stayed in placed, and didn’t become perpetually annoying “un-sticking” from the wall or shower pole.

What We Liked:

  • Sturdy materials, and holds up well to daily use
  • Eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials
  • The multi-combination attachment feature is flexible
  • You can choose where and how to store your Razorpouch
  • Ideal for travelling or using at home for an at home spa like luxury
  • Noticeable improvements in the lifespan of disposable and electrical razor blades
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