Dec 20, 2013

Gift Guide for the Dapper Man

​This guide is an aesthetic inspiration. It is a northern light, a summer breeze, a roaring ocean.

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This guide is an aesthetic inspiration. It is a northern light, a summer breeze, a roaring ocean.

The Aesthetic Gift Guide for the Dapper Man is meant to inspire the sartorial sentiments already brewing in the modern man. Here you will find specific items from specific brands that exemplify the nature of a Dapper Man. These items are suggestions, starting points, catalysts for inspiration to enter the new year filled with confidence.

Be inspired below and read through the great list of brands and dapper necessities.


John Ruvin Company Eyewear

If you are stylish person who also happens to be a little, or a lot blind then you can find community in John Ruvin & Company. Not only do they provide the great eyewear we need they are tirelessly working to engage and participate in the eyewear community. With projects like the Focal Points Project & In Ruvin we can all share our adventures and see clearly at the same time.

You can start seeing again starting at $99 by heading over to'



In 2http://1b4 Joshua Brueckner developed the idea to turn other people’s fat ties into skinny ties. He works with 5 size reductions ranging from the very hipster 2 inches all the way up to the progressive 3 inches. Nearly 2 years into this creative business Joshua has developed his first line of artisan ties, the Pop Collection. Whether your tie needs a reduction or you want a customized Pop Collection tie you will find the website experience to be just phenomenal.

You can trim your tie down to size for $34 or personalize a brand new tie for just $92 at

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