May 08, 2015

How to Wear an Athletic Jersey Without Looking Like a Total Bro

The Daily Mister shares his tips for pulling off an athletic jersey like a gentleman, not a college bro.

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Wearing: Jersey: L-Train Vintage| Jeans: Big Star| Hat: Topman| Sneakers: K-Swiss

While I totally think rocking your current favorite athlete’s jersey is a herb move, the garment itself is something you should cop this season. Here are some tips on picking the perfect jersey: DON’T wear a current player’s number, DO: Go for a vintage piece, DON’T: have a team logo on and be oblivious to what sport they play, DO: wear something hella obscure. I dig these sporty pieces because you can mix and match with any of your favorite hats, denim, and sneakers. If anyone asks you why you’re wearing a jersey in public, you grab the nearest bottle of champagne and spray them in the face while yelling that you’re the captain of the Turn Up Team. (Ed note: Daily Mister and McArthur Joseph take no responsibility for you getting kicked out of the clurb or being arrested for assault.)

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