Aug 01, 2013

Get Framed At Home With Warby Parker

Which of these two scenarios brings more angst? A. You’ve...

Warby Parker - Percey $95 Which of these two scenarios brings more angst?

A. You’ve just been told that you need prescriptive eyewear for reading or driving?

B. You now have to select that prescriptive frame that you’ll be able to live with for at least the next year until your next eye exam and you can openly admit to yourself that you’ve made a horrible mistake?

Warby Parker - Colton $95 Well for me living this nightmare I can say it’s the latter. But rest assured help is on the way from Warby Parker and the brands (5) pair (5) day at Home Try-On Program and yes its 100% free. So do I have your attention now? Well here’s how it works.

1 Select any (5) pairs of frames online that you’d like to try at home.

2 Then Warby Parker will ship them to you free.

3 Then you will have (5) days to try them out and select the perfect frame for you.

Warby Parker - Huxley $95 Yes it’s just that easy to find a fashionable yet functional pair of frames. So what are you waiting for? Give the Warby Parker Home Try-On Program a try and let me know which frames you select by emailing me a pic of you in your new stylish Warby Parker frames to: on or before August 15th and watch for my follow up blog post featuring you in your new Warby Parker frames.

Perfect for Summer! Try 5 pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses for free! Eyeglasses w/ prescription lenses starting at $95. Free shipping and 30-day returns at

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