Nov 15, 2014

GentsTested: Brooklyn Grooming | Pilgrim’s Machine Oil

Today marks the second anniversary since I’ve Gents Tested the...

Today marks the second anniversary since I’ve Gents Tested the Brooklyn based grooming brand, Brooklyn Grooming. Now a year later I am reviewing it their latest grooming product once again. This time it is not an oil for your face but more so for the area down under. When staying active nothing is more frustrating than experiencing the annoyance of chafing. To some it is not a big deal and for other some good ol’ baby powder will handle it. Both are wrong. Many products on the market that are design to protect you for chafing are powder or cream based. These products are short lived until they encounter your body’s sweat. Once that happens you are stuck with a clammy, creamy paste situation down there. Okay, let’s move on. This is why when it comes to your boys below, don’t be cheap.

Known for their beard oil and shave products, Brooklyn Grooming is down stepping below your waist to offer you some preventive chafing oil. The Pilgrim’s Machine Oil promises to keep the land below dry and fragrant without the messy cleanup of talc and baby powder. Like the rest of the Brooklyn Grooming products, the Pilgrim’s Machine Oil is packed with essentials oils that are great for your body.

They Say: “We blend essential oils to create a healing foundation of relief, and we then reinforce that with the all-natural, antimicrobial power of castor oil, eliminating and preventing the irritation associated with galled, abraded skin. Beyond greasing your gears, Pilgrim’s also provides a refreshing scent to ease your transition from the speedway to the showroom.” – McKenzie Santiago, founder Brooklyn Grooming.

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The Test: I’ve personally tried the Pilgrim’s Machine Oil and although the smell at first whiff wasn’t what I was expecting, I quickly appreciated the all-natural scent of castor oil that was contained inside the flask shape bottle. I didn’t have to worry about the clean up or residue left on my skin after a workout that I usually experience with over-the-counter products. My skin never felt dry in the targeted areas and nor did I experience any irritation down below.

The Result: Brooklyn Grooming always stands strong with their philosophy and focus on providing the best all-natural products for the price. This is no different. The Pilgrim’s Machine Oil is an essential tool for the active man. The secure, twist top, 60 ml metal flask grants you the ability worry less about the oil spilling all over your clothes in your gym bag, and more about enjoying your workout without rusting your gears.

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