Jun 09, 2014

Gents Tested: HUE for Every Man

It’s rare that I use the phrase “game changer” when...


It’s rare that I use the phrase “game changer” when referring to a product, but in this case it is the only expression that seems to work. The all-natural hair pomade, HUE for Every Man, was created to fill a void for ethnic men with a quality hair product that is designed for the various hair textures without synthetic ingredients. I discovered the brand through Instagram and spoke with the company’s president, Jessica Estrada and Kyle Frazier. After discussing the vision behind creating the brand, I decided to put the pomade to the test and determine if this product could stand in the forefront or fall into the background of the men’s hair care industry.

They Say: “HUE recognizes the need for all-natural, superior products. The creators traveled the world to remote regions of the Amazon, Africa, and several other islands to find the best ingredients. Our products are free of silicone, petroleum, and parabens.”


The Packaging: The silver container with black font catches the eye of the “classic” gentleman who enjoys minimalistic goods.

The Trial: The all-natural oil based pomade does stand out from the rest of the men hair care products on store shelves. The smooth and non-greasy texture allows the pomade to be applied evenly throughout the scalp, leaving you with a healthy luster and proper moisture for your hair.

HUE can also be used to groom facial hair. Because of its natural formula, I was able to apply it to my facial hair without any irritation. Each time I used it, it kept my stubble smooth and healthy looking throughout the course of the day.

We Say: If you are a man who carries himself with a certain level of class and standards, why would you settle for a product that won’t compliment those qualities? HUE for Every Man isn’t just a product you use to properly moisturize your hair and beard, it is a game changer and it is a product that will fit any and every man’s lifestyle.

FATHERS DAY OFFER ~ Order Hue Pomade for that Special Father or Man in your life from our website at www.HueForEveryMan.com and use the code FD2014 starting today until June 12, 2014 for $2.00 off.

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