May 19, 2014


Designed for the athlete in all of us, Game Day skincare is a great gym partner to accompany you on your next trip.


Created by a former athlete, Demetri Demascus and father, Dr. Kerry Demascus, the MADE IN USA, all natural formulated high-end, anti-aging skincare brand, Game Day, was created as a go-to product for athletes on the field to the ones on the behind the hockey puck. It consists of five multi-functional products to save you the hassle of carrying even more inside of your dopp kit or gym bag.

Here is my take on the line:

PACKAGING: Since this line’s creator was a former hockey player you can understand why the packaging takes styling cues from those of classic hockey jerseys. “The striping is extremely traditional, mimicking those of a jersey but upgraded with a modern chrome twist. The Aftershave and Moisturizer are airless which is green due to lack of aerosol and no waste benefits.” – Demetri Demascus


SHOWER GEL: BODY AND FACE CLEANSER I really enjoy two things about the brands product line: (1) ALL of their products are packed with anti-aging and (2) and like other products I favor, they are dual-functioning. What I enjoyed most about Game Day’s body and facial cleansing version was the aroma. The peppermint scent gave off both a refreshing and invigorating feeling. Much needed after a great workout.


PRE-SHAVE: INVIGORATING SCRUB [EXFOLIATOR] The good thing about this particular scrub is that it doesn't leave your face feeling dry like most others. Also a plus: it lifts ingrown hairs in preparation for a close shave. Something I personally recommend at least once or twice a week to shed that layer of sweat buildup.


AFTERSHAVE: SOOTHING BALM Of course after a close shave, you need a proper post-shave product (without the irritation that comes with using alcohol) to prevent razor burn.


MOISTURIZER: HYDRATOR + SPF 30 You can’t go wrong with a moisturizer that has Green Tea Extract and a SPF quality that will keep your face energized and protect your face from the sun while you jog through Central Park.

*Note: if you have oily skin composition, use a small amount. The moisturizer has a very rich texture.


RECHARGING SPRAY I found this actually essential outside of the gym. The recharge spray does exactly what it says it does…recharge. I used this in the office around that 3 o’clock sluggish-hour of the day. It’s a quick pick me up. Although it is far from cologne, it turned out to be useful as a fragrance mist before a meeting or a night out.


Designed for the athlete in all of us, Game Day skincare is a great gym partner to accompany you on your next trip. Though it may not be a reliable spotter while you are under a barbell, but it does help slow down the appearance of life’s clock and leaves your face with a healthy and youthful appearance.

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