May 22, 2014


After wearing both the ​Chester and Bayne, I can truly see UGG as a strong competitor in men’s footwear.

What usually comes to mind when I think of the Australia footwear and clothing brand, UGG, is the classic suede boot most women are dying to wear once the weather starts to dip. But over the past few years, the Australian brand has made it their ‘sole’ purpose to get men thinking beyond that. After seeing the positive response of their first men's only, the Hannen Boot, the company realized they were on to something. I received a both shoes to review for the brand. After wearing both the Chester and Bayne, I can truly see UGG as a strong competitor in men’s footwear.

The Chester provides the same look as a traditional loafer, but with a little more comfort. It comes with two interchangeable soles: classic leather and UGG® signature sheepskin wool fabric for the other, making the Chester the perfect shoe for when you need to layer in the fall or go for a sock-less casual read in the park during spring.


The Bayne is a full-grain leather high-top sneaker that comes in a versatile ‘Grizzly’ brown and a turn-a-few-heads red option. The sneaker gives off a nautical shoe meets sneaker appearance, but offers more durability than the average sneaker due to its Vibram sole.Style Tip:Wear and repeat: Don't be to concern about getting creases in your Bayne sneakers. We embrace them and we like the distressed look.

Photo credit: Shane Miller for Gents Among Men

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