Jul 17, 2014

Gents Essentials | Trucker Jacket

If you ask anyone what is the first brand that...

20140715-150916-54556796.jpgIf you ask anyone what is the first brand that comes to mind when they think of denim, chances are you’ll hear the response, Levi’s. Since the 1850’s Levi’s was known solely for their five pocket denim, however the Strauss brand wanted to create another garment that was just as iconic as their jeans.

The Trucker Jacket first entered the scene around 1905. The original Levi’s 506xx was produced out of 9 oz. denim, but didn’t adopt “jacket” name until it appeared in the denim’s company catalog in the 1930’s. The tucker jacket took on three versions or “types” before evolving into what we have now: the 1962 Levi’s 557xx double pocket “type 3” jacket.

The trucker jacket has been worn by everyone from artist, activist, actors, cowboys, and rock stars. The trucker jacket defines American history and remains to this day one of the best piece of clothing anyone could own.

20140715-150917-54557684.jpg20140715-150917-54557076.jpg Photo Credit: Shane Miller for Gents Among Men

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