Jan 02, 2014

Gents Essentials: Rugged Boots

Growing up in the concrete jungle, I’ve come to realize...


Growing up in the concrete jungle, I’ve come to realize one thing: wearing proper footwear is essential. Your favorite pair of hard bottoms may not be the best option for the cobblestone back blocks of SoHo. You should always have a rugged boot in your footwear collection that can take a beating from the streets as well.

A pair of a distressed leather boots with leather straps automatically toughens up any outfit. Whether it is a blazer, camo t-shirt or cargo pants, a pair of rugged boots really alters the “clean tailored” look…in a good way.

I asked good friend and collaborator, Shane Miller, to lead the photography for this shoot. We agreed that it was appropriate to pair the boots with the tough elements and scenery of the inner city to show just how well they compliment one another.

Take a note from fashion icons like James Deen or Melvin Van Peebles and pick up a pair of tough-as-nails rugged boots, and take them to the city streets.


Max Twitty and Shane Miller





Photo credit: Shane Miller for Lenycphotographe

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