Mar 13, 2015

Inside Harlem's Flamekeepers Hat Club

Gents Among Men interviews Marc Williamson, owner of legendary hat shop Flamekeepers Hat Club.


When it comes to fedoras, the men of Gents Among Men are no strangers to the classic accessory. Sean Riojas and I had the chance to meet with Marc Williamson owner of Flamekeepers Hat Club (FKHC) in Harlem NY at the beginning of the month. Photographer Chuck Marcus was responsible for setting up this meet and greet with Mr. Williamson. The former co-owner of popular J.J. Hat Center and Pork Pie Hatters took us through his 20 year history in the business, and why coming uptown to Harlem was so important for him.


Harlem has so much culture and energy in it. So, it was imperative for me to be a part of all of that. – Marc Williamson


As Sean and I toured the shop and picked out a few favorites choices from the array of different styles and colors of and more. The store is stocked with a multitude of classic styles including Fedora, Flatcaps, Porkpie, and straw hats from Ecuador and Colombia.

The thing that makes Flamekeepers Hat Club so important to the Harlem community does not have anything to do with the headwear they offer; it is the message and the objective of the company that is so significant:

“At FlameKeepers Hat Club our mission is to pass the torch of “Good Taste” from one generation to the next. Good taste, amiability, equilibrium and harmony were quoted as being words or phrases that are synonymous with elegance by Paulo Coelho. Here at FKHC one of our missions will be to show young men you don’t have to be dressed up — you can wear a hat with jeans or a denim jacket.” – Marc Williamson


After an hour of various conversations about with Marc regarding life, fashion and the importance of putting your best face forward, Sean and I walked out with not only our very own FHKC fedora, but with more of an appreciation for the Flamekeepers brand AND difference it wants to make in society. – Max Twitty


Photography Credit

Chuck Marcus |


Flamekeepers Hat Club // West 121st St. near St. Nicholas Ave

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