May 13, 2015

JR Revelry Is a Whiskey You'll Want to Serve Neat

J.R. Revelry is a made-in-America bourbon whiskey, which clocks in at affordable $35 per 750 mL bottle.


It should come as no surprise that I greatly appreciate an enjoyable glass of whiskey, bourbon, or rye. So, when the occasion came up for me to attend a whiskey bourbon tasting at the Magnises Townhouse I couldn't resist the opportunity. As I made my way through the mixture of plates of food, mixed cocktails and loud conversations, I managed to speak with the independent owner of J.R. Reverly, Jesus Ricardo Tapia, or “Rick” as he suggested I refer to him as.

Rick shared with me the humble beginnings and various challenges he faced while launching his own venture in 2014, La Bodega Internacional, LLC (LBI). The name stands for Jesus Ricardo Tapia and the word Revelry derives from the potential atmosphere of friendship and celebration that Rick’s whiskey should produce.

After a few laughs and a few more toasts, Rick highly suggested that I take home a bottle for my personal enjoyment. As a thank you to Rick here is my take on J.R. Reverly.



Proof: J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey 45 % Alc./Vol. (90 proof).

Color: Golden Amber

Nose: I enjoyed the complexity in the flavors. The bourbon has a clean, yet understated aroma of vanilla and spice.

Taste: The tastes of fresh fruits are slightly faint to my palate, but the hints of caramel and spices are definitely present.

Finish: The fresh oak and a hint of smoke does not take away the spirits smooth finish.


The Takeaway

While spending almost a decade within the distilled spirits field, J.R. Reverly is an affordable and quality spirit that reflects what Rick has learned along the way. For the suggested retail price of $35 per 750 ml bottle, this Made in America spirit is a quality option that is worth serving neat.

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Alex Sanchez // @Zander_X

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