May 16, 2015

How to Future Proof Your Wardrobe

Long after trends have come and gone, how stylish will your wardrobe be? Dressed to Ill offers a few tips for future-proofing your style with a few timeless pieces.








Trends are cyclical. It’s difficult to catch the upswing and pick the right pieces that will be in for the following season. You could pick the route of classic, non trend-centric items. Look for the current trends, like joggers, utilitarianism, athleisure. Then, decide what the next adaptation of that trend will be. Typically trends start on the low-end, with young influencers birthing new ideas. Then, the idea becomes more mainstream and elevates, or two trends combine to create something new. Likewise, the sweatshirt and sneakers exemplify athleisure but in suede they are the next version of the staple. A cargo jogger combines two ideas to make a sweet basic. Thanks to Creative Recreation for future-proofing my wardrobe with the sneakers!

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