May 01, 2015

Here's Why You Should Give Solid Cologne a Try

Style Blogger Jorge Gallegos reviews Fulton and Roark's solid cologne for men.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

Before Kevin and Allen – founders of Fulton and Roark – approached me, I didn’t know solid colognes existed. Kind of shocking for a men’s blogger. But in my defense, the grooming industry is rapidly growing making it almost impossible to keep up. Despite this, I’m happy I was introduced to the new wave of scent: solid cologne.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

Unlike its spray counterpart, solid cologne is made from a mixture of natural oils, easily portable and cost efficient. – I like that! It’s a convenient way to take your scent with you everywhere you go: in your pocket, gym bag or carry-on. Being that, you can apply as often as needed.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

TIP: Rub it on your pulse points such as the wrist, behind the ears and neck. – But go easy! Solid colognes are long lasting, and no matter how much I love you; I don’t want to end up smelling like you after I hug you.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

As an avid traveler, I’m hooked with Fulton and Roark. Besides being a product that smells incredible, their square design is so damn dandy yet practical (as a graphic designer, I always appreciate sleek branding). F&R scents are manly, refined and fresh. Without a doubt, my favorite for this summer is Tybee: clean and light.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

BUY THE PRODUCTS: Shackleford / Hatteras / Tybee

What are your thoughts on solid colognes? Leave your comments below.

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