Jul 06, 2015

The 5 Freshest Scents of Summer 2015

It's time to freshen up your summer style—and that means your fragrance, too. Here are 5 colognes for men to wear this season.

Much like your clothes, changing your scent is an important part of getting fresh this season. Choosing the right cologne is a very personal matter. While I’ll recommend a few scents below, I understand that every scent doesn’t work for everyone. In addition, the key to wearing the right scent makes someone of your desire go “Oooh, you smell good what is that”.. not “Oh I could smell you a mile away. The right scent shouldn’t over power nor should you put it on like you’re spraying the floor with Raid. A little bit goes a long way. Check out some great summer fragrances below and get your smell good on.

Cool, Fresh and New. Perfect for a night out. 3 AM by Sean John $70

A mix of mint freshness and woodsy aroma makes this cologne a nice option for Brunch. Eau de Cartier Bleu by Cartier $125


Limited edition with sweet and spicy notes. Light Blue “Swimming in Lapori” by Dolce & Gabbana $88


With notes of woody, spicy and fresh, “Gentleman Only” by Givenchy is a great everyday fragrance this season. $85

obsession dark calvin klein

Hints of vanilla, absinthe and green mandarin make “Dark Obsession: by Calvin Klein..a masculine moment. Perfect for nights out or nights in. $76

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