Jan 19, 2015

Flannel Fever

Photo Credit: Isaac Hinden Miller of Isaac Likes Suit- Express | Shirt- Alenford| Tie &...








SuitExpress |  Shirt- Alenford| Tie & Tie Bar- The Tie Ba r Socks- Express
   Sunglasses- Persol | Shoes- Reiss

HAPPY MLK DAY y'all. Sorry I've been MIA, it's Fashion Month, and there is so much to cover in so little time. Have you kid's been keeping up? There were so many do's and don'ts this season, and a ton of things that should go now where, except stay on the runway. Moving on to today's look--Flannel dominated the runway this season (in shows like Hardy Amies & Salvatore Ferragamo), But I'm not waiting until next fall to rock this trend. I paired my navy flannel suit with stripes, gingham and a brown bandana (as a pocket square, since I'm not part of a biker gang and a bandana with otherwise be useless for me). Well, I'm rushing out now..heading to Project NYC for the day!

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