Apr 15, 2015

Video: FKA Twigs Won Coachella This Year

Style blogger Tommy Lei recaps FKA Twigs' killer performance at Coachella 2015.

As captured on the Samsung Galaxy Camera.


To be completely upfront with you guys, I wasn't really that impressed with the lineup at Coachella this year. However, when I noticed that FKA Twigs will be one of the acts, my eyes saw the silver-lining. I first discovered her music by way of friends and was soon hooked. After camping out for about 30 minutes outside the Gobi tent to wait for Gaslamp Killers end their performance, we rushed toward the stage to secure our spots at the front. Seeing FKA Twigs' hauntingly-beautiful performance live will probably be one of most cherished memories during Coachella. She represents everything that is sublime, from her bold fashion statements, quirky yet seductive demeanor and modernized voguing choreography.

To capture some of these moments and spare my iPhone's battery, I whipped out the Samsung Galaxy Camera and put it to the test. Although there were issues with picture quality and auto-focusing in low light settings, the video capabilities really took me by surprise. Zooming in was lighting fast for the most part, and there was no significant loss in video quality despite the dimly-lit surroundings. I also love that fact that you could upload photos immediately via Instagram or Dropbox. Battery life could be better though - but it was most likely drained due to the intensive photography and filming session that took place. I highly recommend it as a supplement to your smartphone, especially when battery life is more of a priority, since it operates as a decent point-and-shoot camera. For those looking for more quality pictures or videos, I would suggest looking into mirrorless cameras.

Stay tuned as I fully recap my Coachella adventures - from what I packed, what I wore and a small surprise at the very end!

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