Feb 19, 2015

5 Under-the-Radar Menswear Brands From Outside North America

Living in North America, we often feel like the world...

Living in North America, we often feel like the world revolves around us and that is definitely magnified being a writer of men’s fashion in Canada. We often feel most of the important brands are all based here and predominantly only write, talk and discuss about the brands that are making an impact here in North America. Menswear isn’t just a growing industry in North America; other men from all over the world enjoy menswear just as much as we do here. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are brands outside of North America doing big things. It didn’t hit me until my recent trip to Asia, where I finally realized (after many years of ignoring them) the sheer amount of brands out there. With that said, I would like to introduce some under-the-radar brands that I feel deserve more recognition.

Clot – Hong Kong

Clot Silk

Clot, the Hong Kong based streetwear brand is not unknown to most hypebeasts (Hypebeasts is slang for calling fans of streetwear who blindly purchase product just because their “hot” and popular). For those that aren’t familiar with the Hong Kong based brand, Clot was established by Asian actor Edison Chen and Kevin Poon as a lifestyle brand. The company is most known for their limited edition sneakers collaborations with Nike, but what has me excited about Clot is their own cut and sew line. For spring/summer, they’re introducing an exciting collection that is made entirely from silk streetwear staples such as tees and hoodies made entirely from a product that was once reserved for female fashion.

The Armoury – Hong Kong

the armoury hong kong

I know my personal taste have always leaned towards more sportswear, sneakers ,and streetwear, but there is no denying that a suit is still the foundation in menswear. Hong Kong has always had a reputation of churning out quick made to measure suits at a fraction of the price, but The Armoury is quickly changing that perception. The company, who were founded by men who have a passion for the sartorial side of menswear, is now crafting some of the best suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories in the menswear game. This has men flocking all over the world to check out their impressive showroom and retail space.

This is Never That – South Korea

This Is Not That

I’m not going to lie, I totally missed the boat on Korean Menswear brands. There are a lot of up and coming brands that are really doing some great things. One brand that I recently discovered and eagerly trying to get my hands on is the Korean brand, T his is Never That. The Korean menswear brand designs from a streetwear point of view and offers great great looking Military fishtail parka, elongated shirts, baseball jerseys, and duffle coats that are all designed with modern streetwear aesthetics (clean & with less logos).

MKI – England

MKI Top Coat

I think there is always a stereotype that men from England only dress in suits and only for the sartorial side of menswear. Yes, there is no doubt that the Brits are one of the best to do it when it comes to suits, but what often gets overlooked are the other brands who are also doing great things in other sectors of menswear. MKI the Leed’s based storefront that sells contemporary menswear brands, but also produces their own line of menswear goodies. Everything from hoodies, solid shirt options, graphic tees, striped sweaters and some really solid outerwear options. The best part of MKI is that they ship worldwide and the prices are very reasonable – almost too good to be true prices.

Filling Pieces – Netherlands

filling-pieces SS 2015

Filling Pieces is not really under the radar to menswear veterans and those who are into sneakers, but I think it’s still a bit of secret to the masses of men. Filling Pieces was started in Amsterdam in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert and aims to find the perfect middle ground between streetwear and high fashion. Philibert saw that there was a gap in the market with the lack of premium sneakers and has sought to change that by offering premium hand crafted sneakers with premium materials at affordable prices. The end result is innovative sneaker silhouettes made with some of the best leathers on the market.

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