Jan 19, 2015

Five Menswear Resolutions For 2015

After travelling to Asia over the holidays, getting sick on...

After travelling to Asia over the holidays, getting sick on the way back  and dealing with the horrendous jet lag, I’m back! I hope everyone had a great holiday and want to wish everyone a very happy 2015. For my first post of 2015, I wanted to do, something different, unique, and thoughtful. While on vacation, I had a chance to think about menswear, style and where I feel the direction of menswear is heading. Keeping with the New Year and resolutions theme, here are five of my menswear resolutions for the new year.

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Don’t Pay too much Attention to the Rules

Menswear is deeply rooted in many sartorial rules; whether it’s matching certain colours or  wearing certain pieces together, most men normally abide by these rules that are generally reinforced by the media. I understand if you’re a rookie in the menswear game, following certain guidelines is a great way to get into dressing better and developing style.  However, if you already know what you’re doing in style, it’s time to loosen up the rules a bit and try to develop your own rules. Following the same traditional rules gets stale, so mix it up this year by redefining your personal style.

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Invest in Quality Clothing

We are currently in a time where clothing is very affordable and accessible. Fast fashion has changed menswear; clothing that used to be reserved for special purchases, can now be had at a fraction of the cost and can be bought at anytime. Now, I’m all for more affordable clothing, but there is a big difference between something that is affordable and something that is cheap. The goal for fast fashion is to get you in a cycle; they want you to feel the need to buy clothing that you really don’t need by looping you in with low prices. If you’re still one of those guys who’s exclusively shopping at fast fashion retailers, this is the year to stop. Before fast fashion was mainstream, menswear always had a reputation of being built on quality. Men bought one suit, one jacket, one pair of jeans and shoes  and wore them until they were destroyed. Instead of  buying multiples at your favorite  fast fashion retailer this year, skip a few months and save up for something special and of quality; you’ll definitely notice the difference.

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Experiment with Different Styles

When it comes to fashion, most men (myself included) generally find something we like and we buy that same product over and over again. For 2015, why not try something new? I’m not talking about stepping into the opposite direction of your comfort zone.  Why not try and shop at a thrift shop? Try shoping for luxury brands at a online consignment shop or wear a suit when you don’t need to.  How about buying a pair of loafers if you’re a sneakerhead? You can also experiment with different brands.  If you’re into menswear, this is how you evolve, shape, mold and define your personal style.

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Money Doesn’t Buy Style

While this sounds cliche, it could not be more true.  Some men wear high end luxury brands and think they immediately have style, but in reality, all they had were expensive brands on and didn’t have any style whatsoever. You’re doing it all wrong if you’re still chasing brands in 2015. While branding is something that will always be associated with menswear, purchasing pieces that are expensive and out of your price range is not going to elevate your style. There are plenty of choices in today’s market to find pieces that are well made, high quality and most importantly, fit your price range.

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Try Not to Take Menswear Too Seriously

I think a lot of people who are in this industry of fashion and style often lose sight of reality.  We are talking about clothes after all, and at the end of the day, you shouldn’t be taking ourselves too seriously. It not the end of the world if you don’t get those exclusive Jordans, or if you missed out on that exclusive collaboration; There is always next time.

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