Mar 07, 2013

Five Amazing Male Makeovers Rules That Won’t Break the Bank

Creating a new and improved you doesn’t have to cost...


Creating a new and improved you doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; makeovers are an awesome way to update your look without breaking the bank, but only if you know these expert tips. We found five guys who shared their awesome makeover rules that create massive impact with very little effort or cash involved.

If you are looking to update your wardrobe, try out a new hairstyle, or otherwise switch things up now is the ideal time to make those changes.

A makeover is more than just looking or dressing different, it’s about feeling different; become the confidant, attractive, successful man you know you can be. Take a few risks once in a while and see how these guys benefited; they were in the exact same position as someone you might know – yes we’re looking at you! Don’t forget, you can share this article with friends.


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Shaun White ditched the locks and “mindfreaked” us all when he donated them to Locks of Love, a charity that supports cancer patients.

Here are our top five rules to abide by for awesome results:

Rule 1: It’s Time to Ditch the Hobo Chic

How long has hobo chic been demanding the fashion spotlight? Far too long! While there’s nothing wrong with digging out the old faithful plaid for festivals, this isn’t a look that screams success all year round. Ditch the hobo chic if you are looking to make a great impression, and read up on our tips for 2013 to get a clearer idea of what’s hot and what’s not.

Rob (photographed below) is an established musician who has been holding onto his teenage years; these updates include a new suit and shave (all for less than $100). What a difference a day makes! Now Rob is prepared to start booking new gigs, meeting and greeting with industry pros, and you can tell that he feels awesome doing it!


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How He Did It:

  • Updated haircut that suits his thicker hair type
  • Investing in a new suit that is snappy and color complimentary
  • Ditching the hobo washed out denims and shoes for quality clothing

Rule 2: Invest in a Quality Suit

Just as Rob discovered that a suit can totally transform how people see you, paralegal Mike had lost his sense of self in the office. This lighter, sleeker suit commands attention and is a great way to mix things up. If you’re still wearing the same suit since the 90’s, people are still going to think you’re that same guy.

Add value to your persona by bridging the gap – the fresh shave is also a welcome addition and takes years off his looks. Rob also decided to update his glasses with prescription contacts so we can see more of his face; this was really a winning look for him.


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How He Did It:

  • Adjusting his hair cut to a shorter, sleeker style
  • Ditching the tired facial hair that was adding years to his age
  • Adding contacts and a new suit to complete his modern look easily

Rule 3: Understand the Power of Coordination  

James is a homicide detective that found attention to detail is also a great way to transform your looks from drab to fab in his personal life. By choosing one key color or theme, it becomes much easier to create a polished look without much fuss. James decided to go with linens for summer, which are lightweight and ideal to take him from out on the job to a romantic dinner for two without worrying about stopping in between. He also kept up with the 2013 trend of freshly shaven to maintain a sleek appearance and is rocking silver fox in the hair department.


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How He Did It:

  • Choosing one theme and stuck to it
  • Understood that grey hair works for him
  • Added value to his appearance with modern linens

Rule 4: Update Your Hairstyle 

This is an amazing example of what some simple male grooming know-how can accomplish, and you can even try this one at home for free! Frank, aged 50, is an edgy guy who was having a hard time giving up his rock n roll lifestyle. By taking the plunge and shaving his head, he kept his edgy look but gained around 20 years. As you can see, his wife is thrilled and can’t keep her hands off him!

Changing your hairstyle can have a massive impact, so be sure to choose the right style for you and your hair type. While we can’t all rock this super sharp cut, there are plenty of styles out there that can benefit you in the same way. More on that coming up in one moment…


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How He Did It:

  • By letting go of the past, Frank has many happy years ahead of him
  • He finally updated his wardrobe and realized that he could keep his sense of self
  • He took a massive leap of faith that rewarded him with a younger, fresher look he loves

Rule 5: Remember, Less is Always More

There is a lot going on in this picture (shown below); which is why we suggested going back to basics. If you’ve also gotten lost in years of trial and error, don’t be scared to start fresh and keep things simple like Joel. He said this newly awarded style inspiration “opened my eyes to color,” and creates a polished look that is easy and breezy. Cut back on the temptation to add too many men’s accessories, especially if they don’t match, and try to employ one style at one time. You can always mix it up on other days!


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How He Did It:

  • While the suit is sharp, the hair cut is what pulls this look together
  • Joel kept things simple and trimmed back on the facial hair and accessories
  • He chose one color and used it as a general theme that he can mix and match

What You Need to Know from the Pros  

There’s a reason why Male Standard offer such awesome advice, we understand the power of male grooming and the massive effect it can have on your overall look and confidence. We don’t just say these things to grab your attention; we want you to use them and make it work for you! These five rules should inspire you to make a bold change, but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered on that front as well.

Check out “The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming” for 101 professional tips on how to create your own unique style (everything is covered from head to toe with actionable steps so you never have to worry about making the wrong call). Who knows, you might even find yourself starring as the next winning male makeover contestant!

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