Mar 15, 2013

Finding the Best Hair Loss Shampoo for Men

Did you know the type of men’s shampoo you use...

Did you know the type of men’s shampoo you use can actually do more than keep your hair clean? It can help stimulate the hair follicles and promote new growth; meaning, thicker and fuller hair for longer! With this amazing new discovery, we at Male Standard decided to find the best hair loss shampoo for men and put them to the test!

Below are five of our top picks, along with information on which hair types will benefit from these new products. While your hair growth is largely due to your genetic (mis)fortune, you can help to give your hair a fighting chance. This is especially important as we get older, as the hair follicles start to recede and quickly loos motivation.

These shampoos can give your hair the boost it needs to grow quickly and healthily!

Choosing the Best Hair Loss Shampoo Is Simple

While coming to terms with hair loss in never easy, choosing a product that feeds you hair the essential nutrients it needs to survive is simple. You hair is similar to a lawn, and needs to be well groomed and nurtured if you want it to thrive. No one wants to fork out for that weird hair transplant procedure, or rely on hats for the rest of their lives, so why not step up and see what a difference a little shampoo can make.

1.Revivogen Bio Cleansing Shampoo

The Revivogen Bio Cleansing Shampoo is a scalp therapy treatment that goes on like regular shampoo, but helps to eliminate male pattern baldness. When you cleanse your hair, you do more than clean it – you replenish the hair from the source and remove residue that builds to stimulate new growth. With added minerals and nutrients, this Bio Cleansing system is safe for regular use and will help to restore hairs thickness and shine.

Use with the Revivogen Thickening Conditioner for best effect.


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2.Nioxin System 3

Nioxin are renowned for their hair stimulating treatments, and have come up trumps with this two-step cleansing pack, now in its third formula. This is a great product for thinning or normal hair; helps to balance cysteine amino acids that promote growth. Nixon understands hair science, and has added white tea extract and peppermint oil to make sure your new hair growth is shiny and healthy.

If you find that you hair is thinning, or breaks easily, replace the nutrients with this one!


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3.Dermenodex Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

The Dermenodex Scalp Cleansing Shampoo looks like something a doctor might prescribe for hair loss, but it’s much cheaper and far more effective. As price is something you will want to consider when purchasing a hair loss shampoo, this one is going to appeal to a lot more people. This is a heavy cleansing product with added nutrients that’s a great choice for year-round use.
This product can be used by most men and is a great, no fuss and budget friendly option!


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4.Phyto PhytoCyane Revitalizing Shampoo

As we move into the cleansing shampoos, PhytoCyane Revitalizing Shampoo might be harder to pronounce, but stands out from the group with its botanical (plant) extracts and clinically approved formula. This is a great product for long-term use, as it works to revive new hair growth and stimulate more at the same time. You might not benefit from immediate results, but the investment will be worth it.

Use on thinning or balding hair to see more dramatic results.


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5.Hair Genesis Revitalizing Shampoo

Hair Genesis is a full product line that caters to men with thinning hair, and has additional conditioners and hair styling products to choose from. Unlike many of the other cleansing products, this is more of a primer and prepares the scalp for new hair growth and maximum effect. Hair Genesis Revitalizing Shampoo is also a natural, safe alternative to harsh chemical applications, and gets to work on the scalp immediately.

Whether you have thick or thin, curly or frizzy hair, this gentle formula won’t aggravate your senses.


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Which Is The Best Hair Loss Shampoo for You?

Before you go rushing out to the stores, be sure to examine your hair before you go. You will want to know which product is best suited for your needs, and if a deep cleaning shampoo or scalp treatment is best. While these products will put you in the firing line for the best all action, hair loss does require you to look once in a while. If you have any questions on your hair loss, be sure to consult with a doctor to factor in hormonal imbalance and genetics.

While no one can guarantee you great hair for life, these products will make that transition a lot more affordable, and bearable. Use your hair loss shampoo and conditioner for at least six weeks to allow your hair time to grow and respond to each treatment, and be sure to use as instructed on the label. Being a man is never easy, but we hope that this advice will make it that much simpler!

You can also look up the Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming for hands on tips on which products and treatments will help you master the art of finding the perfect male grooming products for your exact needs.

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