Apr 15, 2015

Festival Style Doesn't Have to Mean Tank Tops and Headdresses

One Dapper Street shows us his best street style looks from Coachella 2015, with nary a headdress in sight.













Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another with a Nikon D800 in Partnership with French Connection

One hell of a weekend. The first time at Coachella was absolutely bomb. Loved Palm Springs. Loved the desert. Loved the Ace Hotel we were staying at. Loved the sun and the chill vibes, and of course: the music. My absolute highlights were some of the big (and expected) ones like ACDC and Drake, but Florence and the Machine and alt-j also put on absolutely amazing shows that really left an impression with people, along with many, many other amazing musicians!

All weekend long I was rocking different outfits from French Connection, who made this entire trip possible for us, and I was having the best time in my “not-super-Coachella” looks. As you may remember from the packing post, I had put some thought into what I wanted to bring, and it was absolutely perfect: always something with me to cover me up and protect from the sun as needed, while enough movement and freedom to keep me cool; at other times something to keep me warm, but still comfy — I loved it all. I put together a little app above for you to look through and shop your favorite pieces, I’m sure you’ll continue to see a lot of these on my site, whether Coachella is over — or not ;)

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