Jan 10, 2014

Favorite Looks From LCM: London Collections: Men

The London Collections: Men event took place from the 6th...

London Collections Attire Club The London Collections: Men event took place from the 6th – 8th January 2014 and featured menswear collections for the autumn-winter 2014 season.

We could see a lot of clothes signed by young designers and so we took a look what is going on in the head of the new generation. The collections overall were surprising, that could be the word to describe the event best. The shows reminded us more of contemporary art shows than of classic runway shows. One show even took it to a whole different level, by having the models walk through (of course artificial) rain, while the clothes got all wet. The designers placed a bigger emphasis on the statement they were making than on functionality or wearability of the clothes.


We could see a lot of creations inspired by childhood: bright colors, shapes and motifs typical for the world of cartoons, and even some very direct references to the world of Walt Disney and the movies with which the generation of young of today grew up. We can also see a lot clothes inspired from childhood science, as a lot of clothes include prints or patterns that remind the viewer of the moment you discover particles, chemistry and experiments. And maybe this is what so many of these collections were all about: the discovery and the rediscovery of the same things through another prism, a more mature, sophisticated and elegant one.

Among all this craziness, we could also find classic pieces, touched by the artful hand of a designer. There was a practical side to the event as well, as some of the looks were really impressive in terms of versatility and functionality and we’d love to see guys follow these trends.

While some creations were really outlandish and clearly done for the sake of the art and not for actual wearing, we also found outfits that can be worn or used as styling inspiration when putting an outfit together.

Have a look at a selection of our favorite looks (even though some of them were simply intriguing).

A very elegant ensemble from the Chester Barrie, AW14 collection. This creation is from the Alexander McQueen, AW14 collection and it's a great use of shine. Alan Taylor proposed this outfit as part of their collection for the AW14 season. Exaggerated or not, what do you think? Topman Design AW14. Love the color of the jacket and the great details. The pants are a great support for it. Richard James, AW14.  A very British suit, if you will. A lot of pink coming from Richard Nicoll. Roxanne Farahmand (Fashion East Menswear Installations), AW14. We love these sporty guys! Very practical outfits (and love the color combinations) from Thomas Pink. RAKE, AW14. The outfit is wonderful overall, but the tie makes it complete. This outfit is also a RAKE creation. The jacket is fantastic, but the pants... remind us a little of mom jeans to be honest. A blue shoe by Paul Smith. Very sparkly shoes by Louis Leeman Paris. They're great, but not exactly versatile. Kent & Curwen: classic and neat. This outfit by Kent & Curwen features fabulous colors and fabrics. Kay Kwok Presented by GQ China, AW14. Now this fashion is alien! A very English look by Hardy Amies. Christopher Raeburn, AW14. We call this "the fur king". Business-casual looks by Duchamp. Gieves & Hawkes, AW14. Aliens? A fabulous formal look by Hardy Amies.


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P.S. What do you think of the outfits? Which are your favorites? Share your comments below!

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