Nov 26, 2014

Faultline 32 year Blended Scotch Review

The Faultline 32 year Blended Scotch comes to us by...

Faultline 32 yr Blended Scotch Review
The Faultline 32 year Blended Scotch comes to us by way of those lovable lads at K&L. According to the label the contents of this bottle were the contents of a cask that was “forgotten” in a Scottish warehouse and is incredibly unique not just because it’s a 32 year old blend, but because it’s a single vintage blend from 1979.

A single vintage blend means that every whisky in this bottle, single malts and grain(s) alike, were all distilled in 1979 (2 years before I was born) and at some point found themselves in mixed together in the sherry hogshead that was later dumped to fill these bottles. Whether it was destined to be part of another blend or someones little experiment I know not, but what I do know is that I freaking love it and wish I had another bottle.

Faultline 32 year Blended Scotch Review

ABV: 53.1%
Age: 32 years
Price: $110
Bottler: Faultline

Pear juice (natural color?)

Ho… ly… crap. This is as deep and rich as many great single malts with elegant notes of honey and complex fruit that starts orchard and spans to tropical. Caramel, malt, and a slight nuttiness mix with notes of wood and spice in the background. A splash of water makes it all sharper and more expressive, especially the fruit and wood notes.

The initial palate is similar to a good Speyside with a complex tropical leaning fruit, honey and some orchard fruit riding in. Deeper notes of cinnamon heavy baking spaces, graham, Nilla Wafers and hints of red berries also come along for a ride but, surprisingly, not a lot of wood. Add a bit of water and that changes with the wood being more expressive and bringing with it some notes of leather. A little water also causes a chain reaction that makes the fruit explode and become richer and even more diverse.

Looooong and full of honey, fruit, spice and wood. The fruit is a muddled mix of orchard and tropical but rich nonetheless even on the finish.

Excellent balance with a thick body and oily texture that makes it stupid easy to drink at full cask strength.

Damn. I wish there were more blends out there like this (and that I’d bought another bottle). I’d have no problem at all laying down $100 for a blend that is this old and has this level of depth, richness and complexity. The crisp honeyed fruit nose, palate and finish gliding through on that oily texture is just magnificent. Love everything about it and I’m going to be very sad when it’s gone.

SCORE: 93/100

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