Jul 06, 2014

Fashion Reformatory Book Club: 1st Edition!

It's very important to know about fashion history, especially if...


It's very important to know about fashion history, especially if we are to call ourselves fashion lovers. I recently picked up a copy of Alicia Drake's"A Beautiful Fall" which chronicles the amazing journey of Yves Saint Laurent & Karl Lagerfeld in the beginning of their careers - starting off as assistants at Dior and Balmain and into their later years.


This spurred the idea of me wanting to read more fashion history books, as such, and sharing them with you all! Let's consider this the 1st edition of Fashion Reformatory's Book Club! I have a poor habit of not finishing things - as you may have noticed - so here's to persevering, learning, growing together! It's so interesting to read about these power players (that many only know of the legacy that they've left, but not that they lived) and the things that make them so relatable therefore making their work all the more profound and personal. I'm speaking mainly of YSL - as Karl Lagerfeld is still alive and living his legacy.

Also, check out the film Yves Saint Laurent, it's a french biopic which is very captivating as well!

I'll periodically post some interesting things and musings under the 'Book Club' tab as I continue to read! Write in the comments if you've already read "The Beautiful Fall" and tell me what you thought of it!

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