Apr 12, 2013

Whale, Here Goes Nothing!

It can be said that Thom Browne marches to the...

It can be said that Thom Browne marches to the sound of his own drum. For his Spring/Summer 2013 offering, he’s marching (or swimming) to the sounds of a “song” as blazers, outerwear and trousers alike are adorned with a whale pattern. Oh, monsieur! You slay me with you quirkiness and while the pieces shown might be a bit too full on, you have offered more accessible options for the consumer. Case in point:

Calvin Walker - That Fashion Dude - Fashion Friday Thom Browne Whales The jacquard woven whale-patterned cotton-blend blazer ($1,650) in a subtle gray. Still a bit crazy but just enough sanity to make it okay for a day in the office or in line at the post office. Seriously, New York. We’ve got to work on that.


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