Apr 26, 2013

Going Out Of My Comfort Zone For Leaf-Print Shorts

Normally in the summer time, I will still traipse through...

Normally in the summer time, I will still traipse through the city in my denim and trousers. Sometimes I will wear shorts but not very often. Why? Long story short, I’m not a big fan of my legs. I was fine with it for about twenty-four years and then I got this strange urge to flash my gams and once I did, a door started to open and I began realizing I might have been cheating myself. I get the feeling I’ll probably do so again this spring and since I’m feeling for prints, I would want to keep that trend going even down below.

Calvin Walker - AllSaints clothing Fashion Friday - That Fashion Dude

These AllSaints Sanshirt Shorts ($105) might be a bit pricey for someone who doesn’t wear shorts often but you can’t deny that they would be a pretty solid option. The leaf print design? The cuff? The desaturated color palette? I know Spring/Summer is all about a punch of color but you can’t do it every day.

You just can’t.

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