Jul 05, 2014

Fashion by Pepsi: Art & Sport

A while ago we wrote an article on wearing limited...

A while ago we wrote an article on wearing limited edition clothes and we were saying that limited edition clothes are great references in themselves, as they are made to reflect a special event or a certain time. Wearing limited edition clothes is a great way to express your appreciation over a certain happening or your adherence to a certain group. And while some brands create limited edition clothes on a regular basis, most limited edition clothes come from either fashion brands that make a small collection of pieces to celebrate a certain event, or from non-clothing brands that express their concept through clothing for a limited time. Sometimes it’s not just fashion houses that launch limited edition clothes. Pepsi recently launched their first clothing collection called the Live for Now Capsule Collection which features a series of youthful items that celebrate the World Cup that is taking place in Brazil this year.


Pepsi Capsule Collection


For this collection, Pepsi partnered up with Bang & Olufsen’s B&O Play, Gents, Goodlife, Shut, Del Toro and Original Penguin and developed everything from electronics to accessories and clothes. The pieces were thought to bridge the world of sports and the art world, as both worlds are all about putting effort into going a step further. At first, it did sound strange that Pepsi, which is not a fashion brand was launching a collection of clothes and accessories, but after studying it, we decided that it was a collection worth looking at.



Blue sweatshirt

The subtle print of this piece is a great way to compensate for the boxy cut

We salute this idea and think that the art world should shake hands more often with the world of sports and initiatives such as these are not only great as a concept but can also be very useful. One more thing that we liked about this collection was that it was very well thought-through, as the items do not feature Pepsi’s logo in an ostentatious way, by making the items look like t-shirts you received after winning a race. The references are subtle and this is something we can all learn from: referring to any element, should it be our appreciation of an era, a band, a sport, etc., does not need to be done in an obvious, tautological way, but rather in a subtle, elegant way, even if you are wearing urban street clothes.


The collection

In terms of design, the collection has a very youthful feel, the shapes and lines are dynamic and refined and the colors are in tandem with the three colors that represent Pepsi chromatically: red, blue and white in their distinctive shades. These three colors go very well together and can be worn very easily with other pieces that feature any color of these three. Other than that, wearing red, blue and white can go work very well with neutrals, but not with all of them. For example, we think that you can pair these items with black or cream pieces.

Let’s take a look at some pieces of the collection and at how we would wear them and why we like them:





This top is a very modern and urban, yet subtle and appropriate piece. We really like the use of the two shades of blue and what we can all learn from it is that two shades of the same color are always a great match. This piece of information can be incorporated in any outfit, regardless of the style you pursue.

This top can be well matched to a pair of chinos or khakis and goes great with a lot of colors, but we would mostly prefer to wear it with beige and would style it up with some highly saturated accessories (maybe with something yellow for a good contrast).



B&O Headphones


Speaking of accessories, we are huge fans of these B&O headphones. The attention to detail is truly amazing, we like the fine lines that make this item very versatile. What’s great about these headphones is that you can wear them with almost any type of outfit from extremely urban casual to semi-formal clothes. The interior of the piece has a great design, which is always an indicator of a well-thought item.




This t-shirt makes a great summer piece. A white t-shirt is always a perfect summer choice, and if you add a few blue lines you will get a nautical reference which styles it up a little more. We really liked the way the designer added the colorful pocket that features a small pop of color (including some red) which marks the reference to Pepsi and to the fact that the t-shirt is part of a limited collection.


When to wear them

1T9A1793 The Pepsi Capsule Collection is definitely a casual one designed as streetwear and it has a certain beat to it that is in tandem with Pepsi’s other projects, which involved music and celebrities. The designs are perfect for going out to the skate park, for jogging (especially the sneakers) and for urban exploring. They are perfect for skateboarding, playing soccer or other sports or for riding through the town. These clothes should come in handy for any dynamic environment.


To conclude, we can say that limited edition clothes, whether they are from the Pepsi collection or from any other brand make great souvenirs, which, besides from their practical aspect also have a strong reference to something you were part of.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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