Nov 14, 2013

Fall/Winter Essentials: Sweatpants

We’ve all worn them and have at least one pair...

We’ve all worn them and have at least one pair in our wardrobe. Whether you’re actually participating in physical activities or just too lazy to put on a pair of jeans on the weekend, you’ve worn a pair of sweatpants before and probably have owned a few pairs in your lifetime.

Sartorially, sweatpants have never been considered fashionable or stylish. They were reserved for athletic activities, college frat boys, or people who just decided to side with comfort over style. Over the past few seasons, sportswear has started to trickle into the realm of fashion. Brands have taken classic sportswear pieces and modernized the silhouette into items that are stylish that won’t have you looking like your running a marathon.

The Modern Sweatpants

The sweatpant is one item in the sportswear realm that has recently gotten a stylish makeover. The new fashion-friendly sweatpants feature a much slimmer profile like a fitted pair of chinos. To make sure there is no excessive baggy fabric dragging down as you walk, the pants feature “cuffs” at the ankles. You can find the new sweatpants in plenty of different fabrics and price points, anything from bold leathers to your more traditional cotton blends.

When to Wear the New Sweatpants

Now, I’m not telling you that these pants are going to replace your slacks for the office, but the new sweatpant is a great peice to add to your weekend wardrobe. Since they have a profile very similar to a slim cargo pant or chino, they make for a great casual option.  Other than the tapered fit and cuffs at the ankles that might need a little time to get used to, this is one trend that many men can hop on to.

What to Wear with the New Sweatpants

One of my favourite features of the new breed of sweatpants are the cuffs at the ankles. If you’re into sneakers like me, these are great pants to wear to “show off” your favourite pair of kicks.  Other than your favourite kicks I like to keep things fairly simple.  You can wear new age sweats, with almost any casual item in your wardrobe, buttons up, henley’s, cardigans all work.

For this particular look, I paired my Urban Outfitters BDG sweats, with an Uniqlo oxford button up, a Unis varsity jacket, and some wool Nike Air Max’s

 For more information on the sweatpants I’m wearing, please visit the Urban Outfitters web store.

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