Oct 02, 2014

#Fall | Wearing Windowpane

While going through my DVD collection, I came across the...


While going through my DVD collection, I came across the Johnny Depp’s gangster inspired film, Public Enemies, and I found myself staring more at the coat on the film’s main character, John Dillinger than the actual movie. His green, peaked lapel, windowpane coat seemed like the best option to compliment his bold, loud and dangerous personality.

Borrowing its name from the wide square design of an actual window, windowpane has had its fame and supporters since the Duke of Windsor. Most people steer clear of this window design due to it being a very straightforward pattern, but I like to think maybe it is due to one simply not knowing exactly how to wear it.

Here are a few suggestions:


  1. Fully Commit. You must already have a strong sense of confidence in order to even think about wearing this pattern. I say go for it. Wear you full windowpane suit with pride and make a strong statement proving you're not afraid to stand out.
  2. Just try the jacket. I found this sports jacket at the japanese based brand, Uniqlo. It is decent in fit and quality, it is inexpensive in price, and you are still able to get the look you desire.
  3. Go casual. Look at what I am wearing above. You can easily throw on a crew neck sweater under the windowpane jacket. It helps bring down the seriousness of the pattern when you wear more casual items such as a vintage sweater, jeans, and distressed shoes or boots.

In order to look dangerously cool in this pattern you don't have to be a 1930’s gangster. You just the need the charm, confidence and stylish eye like one.


Jacket: Uniqlo | Glasses: Warby Parker | Sweater: J-Crew | Hat and Pocket Square: Club Monaco

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