Oct 13, 2014

#Fall | Leather Jacket

If you don't own a leather jacket by now, you...

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If you don't own a leather jacket by now, you should be on your way towards purchasing one. Leather always had the perception of being a fabric made for a true badass. It is for good reason. If you look at what type of animal that is used to make leather and the conditions they have to endure, leather is one tough mother. The leather jacket is honestly the one item that can make anyone look like a style icon or, at least the coolest guy in the room. Plus, purchasing a leather jacket is a really smart investment.

Don't look at your next leather jacket that cost $600-900+ as a financial setback, look at it as a way towards not having to purchase another leather jacket again for 6-9+ years (if you are lucky). As long as you pick the right size and properly understand how to care for your leather, each year will save you $100+, and through wear and tear your jacket will start to age and develop its own type of character to it. While there are many cuts and styles of the leather jacket, like the biker and perfecto, I feel you can’t go wrong with a classic black or brown bomber jacket. It holds a classic look so you don't have to worry about staying on trend every year.

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