Sep 21, 2015

Style Deck is A Portable Fashion Manual for Men Trying to Elevate Their Look

It sucks that we have to make the transition into...


It sucks that we have to make the transition into fall, but for people like myself I actually love the fall. Fall allows you to layer up and put your style prowess to the test. I came across a pretty cool novelty product that actually happens to be quite useful. The item is called, The Style Deck and it is designed to be a portable style manual for men looking to either elevate their look, or just have a functional foundation of knowing how to dress. I called on my good pal Damian to stop by the iLegal Mezcal loft and help me use the deck and plan out a few fall fundamentals for the stylish man.

Tops / Sweaters

  • Shawl Neck Cardigan – Style legends and icons all once own this seasonal favorite. Great for when the autumn break and easy to layer. How to wear: dress is up with a dress shirt and necktie, or go for the off-duty look with a beanie, jogger sweats and a Henley.
  • Henley - Short sleeve or long sleeve it doesn’t matter, a Henley is a year-round layering piece that is cooler than a regular t-shirt. This is your fall version of your beloved t-shirt. In fact, you should treat this the same way you would your tee. How to wear: Wearing it with a suit chills out the look, but also functions well with your denim, leather, varsity or shawl neck cardigan this fall.

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  • Turtleneck – A turtleneck is one of those garments that is effortlessly easy to pull off. Think of this as your warm t-shirt during the winter. Find the right fit and texture and you'll be set for the rest of the winter. How to wear: layer a slim turtleneck under suit or leather jacket and feel free to leave the scarf at home.


  • Merino Wool V-Neck Sweaters - Cashmere is great but it has a habit of being a bit delicate and expensive. A 12 gauge merino wool sweaters is a perfect work horse winter garment that will last you a few seasons. How to wear: light enough to layer over a button up shirt and sports coat, and warm enough to pull off on its own.


Heavy Suits / Outwear

  • Tweed suit or sports jacket - Tweed and fall/winter go hand in hand. It makes perfect sense to invest in a tweed suit or sports jacket. A good fitting tweed jacket can act as outer coat during the fall when is weather isn’t too bad, or as an added layer once the winter chill kicks in. How to wear: Dark denim and wingtips work well, or you can throw on a full suit with a pair of suede Chelsea boots.


  • Motorcycle Leather Jacket - Bring out your innermost “tough guy” with a well-polished leather moto jacket. The choice between black and brown is up to you. How to wear: Pair it with a black necktie and white oxford shirt for a first date, denim button down for happy hour, or simply over a t-shirt for the weekend.


  • Chelsea Boots - Equipped with an elasticated support on each side, this adaptable and minimalist boot adds a touch of rocker chic to any accomplished wardrobe. How to wear: pair these boots with everything from a bespoke suit to a pair of slim-fitting jeans and leather jacket.
  • Double Monk Strap – Whether it is a single or double version this shoe has become a closet staple for many style aficionados. How to wear: Pair this with everything from to shorts in the summer to a full suit in the fall.
  • Minimal Sneakers – When you are tired of wearing hard bottom, an understated pair of sneakers should be your next best choice. How to Wear: A beat up pair or fresh out the box, these shoes look great with sweats or a pair of tweed trousers.

Fall doesn’t have drag when you know how to dress properly. With a portable style guide like The Style Deck, you can learn a few closets fundamentals towards building a solid transitional wardrobe not only for the fall but for your life.


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J Alex Sanchez // @Zander_X

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