Jan 03, 2014

Eyes On: Pigment – North Park, San Diego, CA. || On growing up, not growing old.

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap,” gets thrown around a...

Pigment - Hello from SD “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap,” gets thrown around a ton when you hit your 30’s. It inundates your Facebooks and creeps in more and more when your friends get married, buy a house in the suburbs and have a few kids. And hey, man, that’s cool. Life happens. But, don’t worry about this being a trap. The trap is only how you perceive “growing up.” Just because you’re leaving your 20’s doesn’t mean you have to get boring. But it does mean you have to adjust some things, like stepping up your home game.

Your girlfriend isn’t going to find the cinder-block and old skateboard shelving units as charming as you do. And it’s a safe bet you’re going to need to swap pinned-up posters for some framed prints. Then there’s the matter of adding plant-life to your abode. Finally, skip the cheap Yankee Candle crap for locally hand-poured wax. While this will require you to shell out the coinage for some decent accessories for your place, you can do it all in one fell swoop at Pigment, both online and in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.

If you find yourself in Denver by the Sea (read: San Diego), stop by Pigment. This hideout, off 30th and University in North Park, is where you’re going to grow up while not growing old. Inside Pigment’s walls lies a carefully-curated collection of everything you could ask for when turning your bleak and desolate wasteland of an apartment into the welcoming, well-designed home it wants to be. Hand-crafted bitters for perfect old-fashioneds, build-it-yourself terrariums, mid-century furniture and fixtures, local products from small companies, and a plethora of other goods stock the walls and floors with purpose. .

When you’re ready to take the leap from frat house ways to urbane and inviting home, pop in to Pigment. Here are some of my personal faves from the shop to get you started (and not just because I own most all these, but that helps)…

White Whale Bitters

White Whale Bitters

Gus Modern Rocking ChaiGus Modern Rocker

Chilewich Rib Weave Woven Floormat

Gelfing OrbGelfing Eco Orb

tillandsia brachycaulosTillandsia Brachycaulos

Red Camper Daring Adventure PostcardRed Camper Daring Adventure Postcard

Bullet Planter
Bullet Planter

PAddywax CandlePaddywax Candles

This really just barely kind of scratches the surface of Pigment’s offerings. There is also a good deal of food stuff there, from Mast Brothers Chocolate to other gourmet stuff to stock your pantry with, and that will definitely help when entertaining and trying to impress your guests. But honestly, half the fun of this place is actually going in and spending a good amount of time within the walls of the shop. Everyone is nice, which is a huge plus.

While growing up has some negative connotations associated with getting old and getting boring, it’s not all like that. And Pigment is making sure you age with style and grace and in a manner your mom would be proud of when she comes and visits.

Go see them here:

Grow up, don’t grow old.


(photos: shoppigment.com)

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