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First time Are you a beer drinker? It is unbelievable...

First time

Are you a beer drinker?

It is unbelievable how many people drink beer and I just started drinking it this early year. It was in Bali on a hot sunny day on the beach. Laying down on a dream bed on a white sand beach in the private beach of a resort, I was in need of some refreshment. I needed something different, not soda or the ‘cliche’ fresh coconut water which can be sipped directly from the real coconut. I refused, so I grabbed the beverage menu and saw the familiar brand from the country I live now. Bali is a holiday instead of home for now.

HEINEKEN bottled beer – extremely cold” was on the menu, so I ordered one bottle. Surprisingly I love it and since then, I ordered a glass of draft beer or bottled one instead of wine when I am going out or just enjoying the afternoon with friends. Some said it isn’t chic, wine in a wine glass show class. But hey who need to be chic, we only want to enjoy. Warm weather means couple bottles of cold beer, friends means some glasses of draught beer. Drinking alcohol at a young age (less than 18 years old) isn’t my recommendation. I was 21 yo when I had my fist cocktail.

my Heineken - The Sub


Drinking draught beer is getting easier and closer to your own kitchen or living room since the BeerTender® came to the markt. Ah yes, that BeerTender, I always want to have one even I don’t drink beer that time. And now the new toy boy is here. A gadget in silvery aluminium capsule shape. The new home tap, THE SUB®  is a real gem for a corner of a room. It is not only “a new home draught beer”, THE SUB® creates a lifestyle.

Drinking beer at home is getting Fashionable with THE SUB® ! But of course, never without THE TORPS®. It is the core of the machine, a 2 liter aluminium keg specially designed voor  THE SUB®. The un-boxing is exciting,the installation is as easy as plugging in the power and inserting the keg, the capsule where the gold fluids resting inside waiting to be tapped. Press the button and voila, ready! To enjoy the beer you can cool THE TORPS® in your refrigerator for at least 6 hours or install the keg inside THE SUB® and turn it on for at least 10 hours before you can tap your first glass of beer. I recommend to keep it on over night before you use it. In this way the cooling system of THE SUB® is working on its full capacity.

While waiting the beer to get ready, cold and fresh, I explore the world of SUB online and registered my SUB. While subscribed the machine, I found it is fun to have my own personal corner where I can collect some rewards (just enter the special code on the TORPS) to claim the accessories such as the special designed Heineken glasses by Marc Newson, glassware, mats, a skimmer and a full serving case (glassware, mats, skimmer). I got my Heineken Ellipse glasses, bought at THE SUB corner at de Bijenkorf department store. The skimmer is on its way to me (a gift for registering my SUB). So my goal next will be the Heineken glasses designed by Marc Newson. 2 are ready, 9 to go for my rewards.

My first tap? just as an amateur, a bit too foamy. I think I need to practice and ‘get the feeling’. Just like driving a car, you just need to do some test drives to get used to the steering wheel. So after tapping 3-4 glasses of beer, the beer was less foamy. Maybe it was only the first beer out will be a bit foamy and getting less after. I don’t mind the foam and I will find out when the first glass from a new full TORP® is installed. THE TORPS® holds about eight glasses of beer and can keep it fresh for 15 days after opening. The longer THE TORPS® is in THE SUB®, it will get colder. It was a good cold beer and a beauty design machine for the eyes.

my Heineken - The Sub my Heineken - The Sub my Heineken - The Sub

The Sub®

Heineken introduces us to the most innovatieve and advance gadget, THE SUB®. The state-of-the-art home draft is designed by designer Marc Newson and guaranteed by the high-end technology from KRUPS.
THE SUB® is the next generation of home draft , the smart cooling technology is the draft beer is always fresh and at the perfect temperature of 2° Celsius. THE SUB® is “loaded” with THE TORP® , a compact two-liter beer packaging fits any refrigerator. Heineken®’s beer, Affligem, Desperados, Pelforth (FR), Birra Moretti Baffo d’ Oro ( IT), Wieckse White and Tiger Beer are available immediately at the launch of THE SUB®. Before the end of this year come Brand UP and Brand Weizen in THE TORP®.

Heineken THE SUB - The Launch Amsterdam Heineken THE SUB - The Launch Amsterdam Heineken THE SUB - The Launch Amsterdam

Marketing Director HEINEKEN Netherlands

Bram Westenbrink, Marketing Director HEINEKEN® Netherlands: “With the introduction of THE SUB®, HEINEKEN brings the best quality cold and fresh draft beer to the Dutch living room. THE TORPS® come in different varieties of beer, some of which were not previously available in the Netherlands. We know the beer lover that he is the tastiest finds a fresh draft beer and wants vary and explore. So you can also try with THE SUB® tequila beer, abbey beer or other international or local beer.”

Availability & Price

For the Dutchies:
THE SUB® and THE TORPS® are available at www.the-sub.com . Consumers can find THE SUB® and THE TORPS® online to be delivered at home. Also designed by Marc Newson accessories are available online.

THE SUB® and THE TORPS® will be exclusively available at De Bijenkorf. From the end of October the new home draft already available at selected branches of Media Markt and BCC, THE TORPS® are available at selected stores of Gall & Gall and through www.ah.nl. THE SUB® has a recommended retail price of € 249 and THE TORPS® are available from € 5.79.

Navigate THE SUB®

Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.

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