Sep 08, 2014

Essentials from MTailor

I’m always impressed at the opportunities that the digital space...

I’m always impressed at the opportunities that the digital space provides, especially for young business-minded individuals. It’s also refreshing to see essentials in quality and fit coupled with an innovative experience. This is what I experienced with MTailor, a revolutionary process that exceeded my expectations. The technology is effective and surprisingly simple, reducing undoubtedly complex algorithms into a simple 360-degree rotation, all with the forward-facing camera on your smart phone.

With just a bit of space in the living room and about ten minutes to spare, automated directions guide you through creating a basic profile. And after a quick fitting, the shirts arrived in about two weeks. I sat down with CEO Miles Penn who at 24 made the transition from a safe finance position at Goldman Sachs to the scary world of start-ups. “The real question was ‘how can we make custom more convenient?’, ” says Penn, a Stanford graduate along with his business partner Rafi Witten, who left his gig at Google to pursue this full-time. “We started working on this part-time during our senior year. We wanted to provide something that was affordable. And streamlining the measurement process was key to that.”

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In an independent test, pitting the software against the expertise of trained tailors, the BitBody tech that powers the MTailor process proved on average 20% more accurate. “It showed that we had the science right but we also needed to get the style right too”, continued Penn. “By cutting out the need for a tailor, who’s biggest surcharge is his time, we’re able to keep prices low but still deliver a high quality product experience. And by offering a[n] [expanding] range of fabrics, collar options and cuff types, you get something that’s wearable too.”

When asked about plans to go beyond shirting: “It’s really a matter of demand and supply,” says Penn. “We want to provide what our customers are asking for. Right now, it’s a well-fitting shirt. Next, we can see suiting. But I’m most excited about the potential for denim.” With time and tech on their side, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from MTailor.

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