Jun 24, 2014

Essential Travel Gear: Mophie Space Pack

Your smartphone is an essential travel tool. It carries your...

Mophie Space Pack - Essential Travel Gear

Your smartphone is an essential travel tool. It carries your mobile boarding passes, guides you around unfamiliar cities, translates your words into foreign languages and helps you book a place to sleep and determine where to eat (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). But none of that is possible with a dead phone.

If you’re an iPhone user like me and shoot lots of video, take tons of photos, run apps, make calls and stay connected on social media while traveling, it’s a guaranteed game over — you’re iPhone is going to die and probably run out of storage space in no time. But luckily, I found a solution in the Mophie Space Pack, a sleek two-in-one charging case with built in storage capacity for iPhone5 and iPhone5s.

I recently brought my Mophie Space Pack with me on a trip to San Diego where I ran every social media app, constantly used Google Maps (a notorious battery drain) and took an absurd amount of photos and videos to document my friend’s bachelor party — and my phone didn’t die and I didn’t see a “No Storage Available” notification once. Needless to say, I won’t be traveling without a Mophie Space Pack attached to my iPhone.

Added Battery Life

Here’s what I always say about my iPhone’s battery life: as a society we have the technologies (and the geniuses who develop them) to send complex robots to Mars, but apparently no one can figure out how to make an iPhone battery stay charged for more than 8 hours. Are you kidding?! It’s 2014. Granted I’m not contributing to the solution (I’m just a travel writer calling it like I see it), but luckily Mophie has an answer.

With the Mophie Space Pack, you won’t have to worry about your phone dying when you land after a long flight and need to call a friend, or perhaps more importantly, when you’re about to take what is sure to be the best instagram photo of all time. With a fully charged Space Pack on your iPhone 5 you’ll get a 100% full charge as soon as you flip the switch. That means no more searching for an outlet while at the airport and no waiting for it to charge. And the less time you spend tethered to a charging station, the more time you can spend at the airport bar (or you know, out exploring the world).

Mophie Space Pack - Essential Travel Gear

Added Storage Capacity

Mophie has been making battery cases for a while now. The real game-changer and what makes the Space Pack like nothing else, is the addition of integrated extra storage space. Available in 16GB and 32GB models, the Space Pack allows you to carry the files you need with you wherever you go.

To help illustrate the point, consider this: you’re on safari and taking lots of photos and videos when your iPhone memory becomes full. With Mophie, all you have to do is drag those videos to your Space Pack and your iPhone will be ready to keep on shooting. Compare that to asking a lion to “hold that pose” while you try to decided which photos and videos to delete in order to make room for new ones. In the time it takes to do that you’ve missed the shot, wasted time and held up anyone your traveling with. Don’t be that guy.

But it’s not just photos and videos the Space Pack lets you carry — it’s thousands of more songs and countless other files and documents which you’ll now be able to bring with you, view and share.

Mophie Space Pack - Essential Travel Gear

Buy: The Mophie Space Pack 16GB costs $149.95 and the 32GB model costs $179.95 and can be purchased here.

But before you buy one, I’m giving away one Mophie Space Pack (16GB)! Try your luck below…and if you don’t win, then you should definitely buy one.

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