Oct 28, 2014

Essential, High-Quality Tech Gadget Guide

Like it or not in this modern age, technology rules...

Like it or not in this modern age, technology rules our world. It makes life a lot easier in many different ways; from helping us achieve a perfect body, to monitoring our homes, technology has penetrated every facet of our lives. I can easily say that I've been a techie geek ever since I can remember, I must have been the only 6th grader I knew who kept track of his assignments on a Palm Pilot (remember those!?).

If you're anything like me, then you have to know what the hottest gadgets of the moment are at all times. The following list is a compilation of some of the most essential, highest-quality gadgets out there. From wearables to improvements on everyday items, here are the top picks of the best of the best tech out there to replace your older devices.


Jawbone UP24 Fitness Band

The Jawbone UP band has long been my preffered fitness tracker out there. The UP24 is the latest incarnation of Jawbone's fitness band, adding bluetooth connectivity making it even easier to talk to your smartphone. From tracking your fitness activities, logging your nutritional intake for the day to even monitoring your sleep patterns, the Jawbone UP24 Band is the best fitness band out there.


Alpine iLX-700 Car Receiver

Ever since Apple announced its CarPlay technology, I've been obsessed with having my car's system updated to interact with my iPhone. Up until now, the only way you've been able to experience it first hand was purchasing a new Ferrari FF. While I still await BMW to integrate it into its line of vehicles so I can use it in my own car, the next best solution is the new Alpine iLX-007 aftermarket receiver. The iLX-007 streamlines the CarPlay features into you car, regardless of what make or model of vehicle you own.


Sony DSCQX100 Lens

Everywhere you look, someone is taking a picture with their smartphones to share on their various social media channels. While most smartphones take decent quality pictures, we have lost the sophistication & expertise of actual cameras to capture these memorable moments. The Sony DSCQX100 is best of both worlds, a Carl Zeiss lens on a portable lens so compact that it snaps onto the back of your smartphone (Apple or Android). With Wi-fi connectivity built into the lens, all your pictures are immediately saved onto your phone to share away with your friends.


Anova Precision Cooker

Never has cooking been so easy! You may have seen precision cookers on shows like Top Chef or Iron Chef & imagined that you could never master the art of it, but with the Anova Precision Cooker all it takes is a pot, some water, the Anova device & your smart phone to cook perfectly prepared meals. With the tap of a few buttons, your smartphone tells the Anova what temperature & how long to cook your food, making every meal you make cooked uniformly throughout.


BRUVELO Smart, WiFI Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

You can never compare a good coffee prepared by a barista at your favorite coffee shop to the cup of joe you prepare at home with your old coffee-maker. There is a reason why they have a fancy name as their job title, they know what they're doing. The BRUVELO Pour-Over Coffee Brewer takes all the hard work of making the perfect cup of coffee & puts all control in your smartphone. BRUVELO filters & manages the temperature of the water, even weighs & grinds your grounds & even adjusts to whatever flavor profile of coffee you want. For anyone wanting a fine crafted cup of coffee at home, this is the perfect must-have.

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