Nov 22, 2014

Enfin Levé S/S 2015 (Constructivism)

Michiel Van Diem (who goes by simply ‘van Diem’), owner...


Michiel Van Diem (who goes by simply ‘van Diem’), owner and Creative Director of European menswear brand Enfin Levé, is no stranger to Style.No.Chaser - we recently featured the brand’s A/W 2014 collection. As mentioned in the last feature, after a car accident, van Diem was cosmically reminded of how short life is and decided to finally start a fashion brand – this was in 2012. The brand which is strongly inspired by art and architecture is back with its fifth collection (S/S 2015) labeled “Constructivism”. This collection is influenced by the Constructivist (this theory suggests that learners construct knowledge out of their experiences) and Suprematist ( an art movement focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors) philosophies. These somewhat contrasting thought schools combine to produce a collection that is eye-catching, elongated, candid, well-tailored, modern, futuristic, unique and progressive. The clothes are purely sublime and very worth owning. The color pallet dances between black, gray, white and burgundy. To be quite frank, we want to be wearing all these pieces in Spring and Summer of 2015. See Enfin Levé's S/S 2015 collection below and visit their website to purchase some of these beautiful garments.

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