Jul 16, 2014

Enfin Levé A/W 2014

Michiel Van Diem (who goes by simply ‘van Diem’ and...

Michiel Van Diem (who goes by simply ‘van Diem’ and can be seen in the video below working on his S/S 2014 collection), owner and Creative Director of European menswear brand Enfin Levé, is a man on a real mission. After a car accident, van Diem was cosmically reminded of how short life is and decided to finally start a fashion brand – this was in 2012. Due to the accident van Diem underwent hand surgery which left a permanent metal mark which he now uses as a personal signature on all his garments. He is a nomadic designer traveling throughout Europe experiencing life, producing garments and looking for unique materials eventually come together to create an aesthetic that is free and true to self. Van Diem creates very versatile limited edition clothes with high quality fabrics and sells them through the Enfin Levé website and exclusive boutiques.

The A/W 2014 Enfin Levé collection is rebellious, mysterious, dark, grungy and sleek. The collection drew inspiration from nostalgic movies, palpable European culture and engaging architectural lines. The 1995 French film “La Haine“, the distinctively neo-futuristic curving forms and elongated structures of architect Zaha Hadid, and the sub-cultures of Poland were specifically mentioned as muses. The color palette for this collection is ‘dark’ - a mixture of blacks, dark greens, and plaids were combined to perfection. It really preps you for the autumn/winter season. Asymmetric tops and jackets add a futuristic twist to the collection. Distressed and sometimes ripped pants bring in the rock 'n' roll sub-culture, and luxurious soft leathers are used very generously. One look of note is the look below which puts a fresh new twist on hip.

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