Apr 11, 2014

Easy Style Mistakes to Make - Don't be That Guy

Just as there are dozens of ways to look good,...

Just as there are dozens of ways to look good, there are at least that many ways to ruin your style with simple mistakes.  When you make the effort to look your best, don't let one of these common style errors undo you.

1. Being a Label Whore - You should invest in a label because you love its quality, fit, and materials; not to be a walking billboard. Mixing designer brands is fine, but feeling the need to advertise the designer is not - and makes you look insecure.

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2. Wearing the Wrong Size Clothes - This is generally a problem with oversizing; many men wear their clothes way too big, and claim it's for comfort.  Your clothes should not be baggy and puddle over your shoes; this looks sloppy and unprofessional.  Body skimming does not equal skin tight, but if you can't make out a human form inside your shirt, it's too large for you.  Conversely, clothes can also be too tight: we're looking at you, big guy in the size small tee shirt.  Buy clothes that fit you, and if you're not sure what fits, get help from someone who knows.

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3. Buttoning Blazers Incorrectly - Fastening the wrong number of buttons on your jacket causes it to pull and stretch awkwardly, and makes you look amateur.  If it's a 2-button suit, always fasten only the top button.  If it's a 3-button suit, either fasten the top two buttons or the middle button only, but never the bottom button.  No really, never: we're looking at you, professional athletes.

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4. Overstuffed Pockets - You go to all the trouble of making sure your clothes fit properly and you're looking fly, and then you ruin the streamlined look by having bulging, lumpy pockets overstuffed with keychains, bloated wallets, and cell phones.  Clean out your wallet, carry a slim cardholder, pare down your keys and take them off that clunky carabiner. More importantly, use your coat pockets for bigger items so you're not maxing out your pants pockets and making random women think you're happy to see them.

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5. A Loose or Sloppily Tied Necktie - When you tie your tie in the morning, always make a dimple - it's one of the little details that sets you apart from the Men's Wearhouse crowd.  Also, tighten your tie knot so that it completely covers the top button, OR loosen your tie and undo your top button.  These are the details that show you know how to dress.  You know, the opposite of this guy.

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6. Wearing Fake Shit - It's better to wear a good-quality cheaper item, like a Timex, than to rock a cheap imitation of a Rolex.  There's no shame in not being able to afford designer everything.  So save your money for that one piece you really care about, and buy the nicest things you can afford on your budget.  There are plenty of brands out there that make quality goods without killing your pocket.  Wearing knockoffs and fake designer labels only makes you look tacky.

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By Sadie Bride

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