Oct 02, 2014

Dressing light for Winter in Luchiano Visconti

Some one told me the other day that you can...

Some one told me the other day that you can tell how severe the winter weather will be by looking at the tails of grey squirrels, if their tails are really full and fluffy that means that we should expect a pretty harsh winter. I'm not sure how reliable that means of forecasting the weather is, but it really doesn't matter what the weather is like if you are dressed in the comfort of layers. The great thing about layering is that you can go either way, more layers for warming up or less layers for cooling down.

The best clothes for layering are sweaters, vests, sport coats and cardigans; they all work very successfully at trapping and retaining body heat. Today's men clothing designers have really focused in on making lines that are perfect accomplishing layering for cool and cold winter days. One of the newer and more successfully designers at pulling this look off is Luchiano Visconti.

Luchiano Visconti uses the finest imported materials and combines different prints to produce contrast details on the collars, cuffs, and placket for a cohesive fashion statement. The Italian inspired menswear line features jackets, pants, sweaters, scarves, vests, polos, and dress shirts. Luchiano Visconti has a predicated vision on what the modern man desires in their everyday fashion choices. It’s about discovering and creating fresh individual style.

His lines are all about placing huge emphasis on top quality, fine styling, and unique details at a great price for today's sophisticated consumers.


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