Oct 30, 2013


Get your best seamen jokes ready, y'all, because today I'm dressed like a fisherman!

Double denim for fall | Thisfruitblogs.comGet your best seamen jokes ready, y'all, because today I'm dressed like a fisherman! Well, at least like I'm about to spend some quality time off the Maine coast. Either way, I'm ready to talk seriously about denim, specifically a double dosage of denim and how to wear it for fall. (Here's how I ride that double d in spring.) Even more specifically, we're talking about vintage Levi's, because that's all I'm wearing. I love the wash on this pair, which I picked up from Low when I visited my 'rents in Charlottesville over the summer. #SmallTownBlues #FTW

Double denim for fall | Thisfruitblogs.com

The wide leg has been really divisive—some people people are ambivalent about it while others think it's downright unflattering. To be honest, from certain angles this pair can look a bit dad jean-y, to which I say: #YOLO. Of the three pairs of vintage Levi's I've bought in the last year—across state boundaries, mind you—I have always bought the same exact size and style without even trying: a 505, 32x30. I'll call the fit "boyfriendy" or, for the hets in the audience, "workwear-inspired," make of it what you will. And I'm really into the denim jacket with a heavy knit underneath. According to this handy-dandy guide to shopping for vintage denim jackets, mine is most likely from the 60's; it came into my life via some selective rummaging at L Train Vintage. The sweater and shoes are vintage and the scarf is from J.Crew. Below you can see some of my inspirations for the look:


Inspirations for this look, clockwise from top-left: Men In This Town, The Sartorialist, Liam Saw This

Hella butch, ya? I have to say, as infrequently as I buy jeans, denim has a special place in my heart. It just ages so well! My oldest pair is an Acne Mic rigid from...2006? (Last seen here.) I think I ordered them from Barneys.com in college; I've had them patched up so many times by now and still the seat is wearing out, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them. Speaking of seats, it should be noted that the jeans I'm wearing in this post do nothing for my ass, as evidenced by the photo below. Such is the consequence of turning to straight men for style inspiration, I guess?

Double denim for fall | Thisfruitblogs.com


P.S. You might also be interested in this awesome vintage Lee denim jacket I found on Etsy.
P.P.S. Are you wearing denim this season?

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