May 15, 2014

Do You Switch to Face Oil in the Summer?

Ph. © McArthur Joseph for Fruitpunch; background © Nathalie du...

Ph. © McArthur Joseph for Fruitpunch; background © Nathalie du Pasquier

Ph. © McArthur Joseph for Fruitpunch; background © Nathalie du Pasquier

I consciously coupled with some face oil this week because oil is hella zeitgeisty right now. (Have you read about "oil pulling" recently? I don't actually know what it is, but I do know that I feel young and ~*tRenDy*~ talking about it, which is all that matters.)

Some of you may remember (none of you remember) that I started using Ursa Major's face balm a few months ago. I really like it, but each application left me longing for something with a thicker consistency, something richer that felt a bit more moisturizing. Enter: Gentleman's Brand Co., an Australian label I discovered in L.A. at Mise en Scène. I loved the packaging but wasn't trynna pack away extraneous skincare products on my flight. Two days later, though, Birchbox emailed me asking if I wanted to try, of all lines, Gentleman's Brand Co. I said yes and have been using the brand's daily moisturizer ever since my balm ran out. It has that thicker consistency I'd been longing for (hehe *thick* hehe *longing*) with extract of something called Kakadu plum that's supposed to be rich in antioxidants. Plus, it's still paraben and sulphate free!


#FirstWorldProblem: now that it's summer, I don't want to use the GBC moisturizer during the day because it feels too heavy. What's a gal to do? Go shopping! He found herself a face oil from the liberally named Herbivore Botanicals (featured in Vogue this month and now on my blog!? God these guys are totally #winning.) Actually termed "Face Elixir," the ingredients list is totally bone-inducing: organic argan oil, organic rosehip oil, golden jojoba oil (golden!), essential oils of tea tree and bergamot and vitamin E oil. It's nice and light and restores, "vibrance, hydration and elasticity to skin," which is good because I don't know if the face yoga DVD I bought is working.

So now my routine is to wash my face every night with Ursa Major's face wash (bless them bulk sizes), then slather GBC's daily moisturizer all over. Every other morning I'll shower and exfoliate, then rub in a few drops of the face elixir (hehe *rub*) and then on top of that goes my BB cream with SPF 30. (I work in an office writing about flowers and chairs, so yes, I usually only shower every other day.) I generally have pretty clear skin, but am always wary of definitively saying what my problem areas are. We'll see if the oil/moisturizer balance works out over the next few months—do you guys switch products often, or do you have a set routine? (Special thanks to Nathalie du Pasquier for not suing me for using that awesome pattern!)

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