Oct 07, 2013

District Skateboards: A Reclaimed Skateboard

Sure. I have made no false pretense regarding my love...

District Skateboards

Sure. I have made no false pretense regarding my love of my little Penny Skateboard. It;s a solid little product that is fast, gets me around this weird little place called LA, and always has people asking, “Yo man. That board like so small. They make a grownup version?” Heh. Fuck off. But anyway. The small skateboard is what kicked all this off in the first place. “Yeah ride it like a wave, maaaaaaan.” 

So when I met the District dudes at a Northern Grade in LA, I had to test the product. Luckily, they were cool with it given NG happened in some huge abandoned warehouse in DTLA. Super slick. Not slick like you’re gonna slide all over the place. Slick like sick. (Editor’s note: “Sick” is still an acceptable term to use in SoCal.)  I mean, check this shit out:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 6.44.05 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-02 at 6.43.53 PMDistrict Skateboards model a

Here’s some about District from the mouth of the horse:

Handmade in Los Angeles: 

Skateboarding was created, made popular, and refined by innovators. From Jay Adams to Rodney Mullen to Danny Way, the sport has transformed from the streets of California into a mass market empire. Along with the innovations on pavement and at parks, manufacturing has changed just as much. Early boards made with crate wood and metal wheels have evolved into plywood decks with machined trucks and polyurethane wheels.

District Skates was created to continue this evolution. Utilizing Eco-friendly materials, reclaimed wood, American ingenuity, and true craftsmen, we custom make each deck to order. All planing, laminating, gluing, and pressing is done at our warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to continue the legacy that made skateboarding as great as it is.

With an honest mission like that, buying this skateboard not only makes you a better person, it makes the world a better place.

Also, my buddy, Ryan, was able to Vine some of the Northern Grade good times we had on these skates.


District Skateboards is here.

Wall Ride Acid Drop!



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